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11'3 Surfboard Blank

11'3 Surfboard Blank Product Overview

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RSAblanks are blown in South Africa using a proven blend of chemicals that are made up of long lasting, high tensile, lightweight polyurethane foam. The plugs are technically up to date.

The foam blanks do not twist and have a uniform density throughout, therefore extra hard and tough with no "after-growth" or swelling. Our blanks are brilliant white and easy to shape.

Surfboard Blank Details & Specifications

Natural. Individual rockers available on request.
Light weight | Normal weight
7mm African Exotics
Shapers comments
Similar to 11'3
Overall bottom length: 11'3 3/8" (343.90)
Tip-to-tip deck length: 11'2 1/4" (341.00)
Maximum width: 27" (68.60) - Not shown on the diagram. This measurement is just forward of the center point.
Maximum thickness: 4 7/32" (10.70)