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RSA Blanks - Foam Technology

Surfboard Blank Foam Technology Overview

Since the arrival of the PU foam surfboard to the industry more than 40 years ago, the holy grail of surfing has been a light, strong, responsive and long lasting white blank. Of course, all of these attributes are relative and the dominance of one supplier during much of this period meant that shapers and surfers were under the impression that the product they received was as good as the technology would allow.

Fortunately for the global surfing industry, this era has passed and innovative blank manufacturers are now incentivised to invest in truly understanding the technology of blowing the perfect blank. RSA BLANKS is one of these innovators and the result of our investment in the most modern chemistry and production methods is the development of the SuperShape blank.

RSA Blanks - Technology makes our surfboard blanks popular with shapers worldwide

What Makes Our Surfboard Blanks Special?

  • Extremely quick to shape.
  • Very high strength to weight ratio (prevents pressure dings!)
  • Ultraflex properties designed into the chemistry yields phenomenal responsiveness and liveliness in the water.
  • A uniformly tight cell structure allows light glassing (does not "suck" resin) and consistent spraying.
  • Consistent density gradient throughout the blank.
  • Brilliant white in colour.
  • Correctly UV stabilized, offering excellent colour stability with age.