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Which Rocker is right for you?

RSAblanks recognizes the importance of ensuring a rocker curve is "right".  The increasing use of shaping machines has made this a critical element of blank manufacture.

For expediency, we have developed a "default" curve for each of our blanks.  Many of the world's top shapers have found these rockers to suit their requirements for the majority of their boards. We also maintain an extensive library of custom rocker templates for individual shapers, and are able to create custom rocker templates from both top and bottom measurements.

When ordering foam, feel free to order your surfboard blanks with:

  • Safari standard rocker
  • Your own custom rockers

If you want an adjusted rocker on a surfboard blank, please indicate your adjustments on the relevant catalogue sheet for this blank and send it through to us via email or fax.  We maintain a confidential rocker library for our customers. You may also send us a 3D file.

We also supply unglued foam to customers that have access to their own glueing facilities.

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