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Plugs Overview

With over thirty brand new, high-tech moulds, we cater for almost every possible need in surfboard design and manufacture.

We reviewed the most popular and best-selling surfboard blanks in the Clark range, taking careful note of their positive attributes.  We then embarked upon a design process that incorporated our considerable experience with that of several of the world's best shapers.  Our in-house CAD technology was then used to refine and perfect each crafted plug to ensure they were engineered for maximum use and versatility.

As a result of these efforts, we are now able to offer the global surfboard industry with blanks offering a familiar feel, but refined and tuned to symmetrical perfection.

Top quality surfboard blanks

RSAblanks SuperShape surfboard blank is unique for its uniform density gradient throughout the board.

RSA Blanks - High quality surfboard blanks for shapers