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10'1" Surfboard Blank

10'1 Surfboard Blank Product Overview

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RSAblanks are blown in South Africa using a proven blend of chemicals that are made up of long lasting, high-tensile, lightweight polyurethane foam. The plugs are technically up to date.

The foam blanks do not twist and have a uniform density throughout therefore extra hard and tough with no "after-growth" or swelling. Our blanks are brilliant white and easy to shape.

Surfboard Blank Details & Specifications

Natural. Individual rockers available on request.
Light weight | Normal weight
7mm African Exotics
Shapers comments
Similar to10'1Y
Overall bottom length: 10'3  5'8" (314.00)
Tip-to-tip deck length: 10'3" (312.40)
Maximum width: 25 1/4" (64.10) - Not shown on the diagram. This measurement is just forward of the center point.
Maximum Thickness: 3 7/16" (8.70)