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  • Crafting High Quality Surfboard Blanks

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  • Blowing Polyurethane Surfboard Blanks

    For More Than 30 Years
  • What Can You Expect From Our Board Blanks?

    Light, Strong, Responsive and Long Lasting
Fast easy shaping with our surfboard blanks

Fast, Easy Shaping

You will find that our high quality surfboard blanks are fast and easy to shape.

Our blanks have a very high strength to weight ratio

Strength to Weight Ratio

Our blanks have a very high strength to weight ratio (prevents pressure dings).

Ultraflex properties offer phenomenal responsiveness and liveliness in the water

Ultraflex Properties

Ultraflex properties designed into the chemistry means great responsiveness and liveliness in the water.


Tight Cell Structure

Uniformly tight cell structure allows light glassing (does not "suck" resin) and consistent spraying.


Density Gradient

Our product offers a consistent density gradient throughout the blank.


Brilliant White

All our surfboard blanks are brilliant white and consistant in colour.

Surfboard Blanks For over 30 years

RSAblanks has been blowing polyurethane surfboard blanks for more than 30 years, approximately the same period during which the industry was dominated by one major supplier. In late 2005 came the welcome opportunity of not only expanding our production capacity but also of fast-tracking the development and engineering of our next generation high-performance polyurethane foam blank, the SuperShape blank.

  • Less than 6'3"
  • More than 6'3"
  • Fish Boards
  • Hybrid Boards
  • MiniMals
  • Malibus
  • Tankers
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